Erectile Dysfunction Products

With erectile dysfunction, the first thing a patient usually takes is oral medications. For men, these drugs have a good effect and do not cause serious side effects in the treatment of problems with maintaining an erection.

What is the difference between oral medications for erectile dysfunction? Statistics show that 50% of men aged 40–70 have problems with erections of varying degrees, and these people account for 10% of those who are completely unable to have an erection. After taking anti-ED drugs, about 70% of men get an erection sufficient for intercourse.

Experts believe that there really is a difference between the drugs that can be prescribed to a patient. Quite often, the use of several drugs is practised to see how the body of a man reacts and what works best. The problem that often arises is not biochemistry, but health insurance rules that limit the number of pills per month that a patient can purchase. This increases the cost of all subsequent drugs over the limit. Fortunately, the assortment on the market is now large enough for a man to choose pills that are suitable for him at a cost and approved by his doctor.