About Us

Canadian Family Pharmacy is an independently owned pharmacy, dedicated to knowing who our customers are and caring about them. Our friendly, experienced pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are ready to help you find medications that will help you manage your health issues. Our team is committed to providing quality care for our customers.

We are a live pharmacy team of licensed pharmacists ready to answer any questions you may have. We’re available 7 days a week, so call us anytime if you’re unsure about anything regarding our services. Our experienced team is more than happy to do everything they can to help you make an informed decision on your order. Here are the most potent specialists from our team, supporting the customers and the whole business as well.

Our Team

Dan Fieker our pharmacist, is an experienced and knowledgeable professional. Barry has two degrees in pharmacy science and attended the University of Waterloo for his undergraduate studies. He has successfully completed all requirements to become a licensed pharmacist in the state, at the provincial level.

Jessica Finch is our newest team member, who knows how to serve patients with disabilities. Jessica also manages pharmacy services and is well-known for her patient care and reliability, which has earned her the respect of her colleagues.

Dr. Alex Aprea, our pharmacist-in-charge, has completed his undergraduate studies in pharmacy technology at Western University, as well as his graduate studies, at the University of Toronto. He is a certified pharmacist with particular expertise in compounding and customized medications, as well as a licensed professional engineer, who specializes in pharmacy management and technology. His current role as our pharmacist-in-charge at our store allows him to provide leadership and guidance on a day-to-day basis.

Our Pharmacy team members are health care professionals that have diverse training, backgrounds, and experience. They are licensed pharmacists who know when to refer patients to an outside specialist. Our team is committed to providing excellent service with compassion and professionalism while staying abreast of the latest pharmacist trends.

When you choose our pharmacy, you find a welcoming environment with personal attention, as well as knowledge that ensures we provide the best care for your needs. If you’re in need of immediate medical help or just have general questions about any health-related topic, please don’t hesitate to ask.